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Photoshop was something that I was always interested in. I started teaching myself the software back in 2016 mainly from YouTube videos on how to do specific things while also picking up useful tips and tricks from professionals in the industry. I have also completed a Graphical Design course implemented in my Marketing program in which Photoshop and other Adobe products where heavily used.

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Have been interested in photography since a little child but got my first camera (Canon Rebel T6) in 2018. I enjoyed exploring my surrounding area for photography opportunities and even got a chance to be a photographer at some volunteering events. Recently bought a Sony A7 II to better my photography and expand my skills.

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Wanted to learn 3D modelling so I picked up Blender and started creating donut renders to learn. To push myself to keep creating and evolve my skill set with 3D modelling, I created an Instagram account @donutrender to keep me motivated to create and advance.

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If you are interested in my work style and would like to get a design created feel free to contact me today through my contact page.

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