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Robert Sciberras

Digital Marketer/Graphic Designer


Thank You For Visiting My Website.

 Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Robert Sciberras and I am a Business Marketing Co-op graduate from Conestoga College, currently employed as a Marketing Rep. with Miltera Machining Research Corp. 

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early years

My journey in creative design started as a little kid, filming and editing videos that my friends and I would record and upload to YouTube. I started using Movie Maker to edit my videos and that is where it all started. I started venturing out into other creative ideas that could make my videos better such as Adobe Photoshop for better thumbnails and creatives as well as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects for special effects edits. 


Recent graduate from Conestoga Collage with an advanced diploma in Business Administrative Marketing. Within this program valuable marketing, design, communication, and much more was focused on and perfected. This experience has helped me discover my path in the work field as well as develop and adapt to current useful teachings and techniques from business professionals. 



Through the use of my Co-op experience I had the ability to work with real business professional on live action marketing campaigns. Through this experience I learned more then I had learned during the 3 years of college teachings. I currently work as a marketing assistant, taking care of social media platforms, creating/maintaining websites/generating marketing material, etc.



My objectives and goals for the future are to advance my skills and develop my portfolio even further. Expanding my skills to better myself as well as the work I provide my clients is the type of goals I set myself to achieve. Having a positive perspective for the future will ensure that I grow not only as a person but also as a company. Many projects are in the works at the very moment and I plan to keep expanding myself to reach new limits.   

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